The relationship between stage lighting and stage space performance (1)
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Stage lighting, also known as stage lighting, is one of the methods of stage space modeling. With the rapid development of today's society, people's living standards have improved, as well as the development and progress of science and technology. The role and function of stage lighting in stage performances are also particularly important, becoming an indispensable way of artistic expression in stage performances. Through technical means, stage lighting presents people with a variety of color changes and a stage atmosphere of light and dark rhythms, and shows the audience a variety of dynamic changes in emotions. The clever use of colors in stage lighting and the ingenious lighting in space performances are not only as simple as lighting, but also creatively enhance and sublimate the viewing relationship. Stage lighting plays a role in contrasting and highlighting the performance environment and scenes of the stage space, as well as in shaping the image of characters. At the same time, when shaping the atmosphere of the stage space performance, it can show the importance of stage lighting in the stage space performance.

Stage lighting is an important artistic part of stage space performance. The stage lighting visually stimulates the imagination of the audience, and makes the character image of the stage performance more full and perfect. Pave the way for the development of the drama performance plot, promote the development of the story plot in the play, and the expression of the characters' psychological emotions in the play, and guide the audience to expand the imagination of the plot. It sets off the emotional changes between the characters and pursues the best artistic conception of stage space performance. Creatively convey the connotation of the stage space performance, inject emotion, life and color into the stage performance, and at the same time give the audience an immersive feeling. As an important means of stage performance space modeling, stage lighting uses lighting language to reveal the theme of stage space performance, highlight the distinctive personality of the characters, and show the unique charm of lighting art language. It is necessary to create a stage performance space that meets the needs of the development of the plot, and reflects the atmosphere of the actors performing and expressing emotions in the stage space. Only when stage lighting is used reasonably and in line with the personality needs of the plot and characters, can stage lighting play a role in the performance of the stage space. The icing on the cake and the finishing touch.

Stage lighting can remind and express the vivid shapes of people and objects in stage performances, create atmosphere and symbolize and reproduce the environmental characteristics of the times. Use lights to reflect the mood of the performance. Lighting is an important way of expression in stage performance. As the creator of the external image of stage space performance, stage lighting wants to express a more intuitive visual image, so that stage space performance has unique vitality. The traditional functions of stage lighting can no longer meet the needs of contemporary stage space performances. In the overall stage creation, it is necessary to find the best integration point of stage space performances more innovatively. Taking the artistic language of stage lighting as a proposition of aesthetics is not only to complete the artistic performance of a stage performance, but also to see the aesthetic pursuit in the stage performance space. The transformation of time and space, the inner expression of the characters, and the expression of colors play a meaningful role in bringing forth the new from the old. Stage lighting makes the stage performance style, performance form, and various processing methods have great changes.

In the stage space performance, the use of lighting functions is the most effective means to make the stage lighting full of vitality. In a realistic set space performance, stage lighting is more conducive to the dispatch of light to the stage space, the processing of the space and the rendering of the atmosphere. For example, the realism of the stage setting of the tin drama "Tin Merchant" is close to that of a drama. In the stage lighting layout, the interior and exterior of the factory building, indoor and outdoor, are consciously unified into a performance space to enhance the visibility of the performance space. The processing of light rhythm and levels, and the rendering of colors. In the historical years of the early years of the Republic of China, the national industrial and commercial patriotic businessmen, feeling first, the forgiving spirit of industry to serve the country, and the patriotic entrepreneurial spirit and touching deeds of the national industrial and commercialists, through the treatment of different colors of light, for the entire stage performance. Characteristics of the times. The color shaping of lighting can arouse people's aesthetic feelings, and make the audience have a strong artistic effect in watching the performance.

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