The role of stage lighting
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In nature, all things cannot grow without light. Therefore, light is indispensable to everything. If there is no light, the world will be dark and human beings will not be able to survive

Similarly, on the opera stage, the performance of the actors, the lighting of the scenery and the creation of the specific atmosphere are inseparable from the light. Only when the light shines, can it be full of life.

Stage lighting is a reflection of life, which is more artistic than life. Light is used to render the environment and set off the characters. Night Mooring on the maple bridge, written by Zhang Ji of Tang Dynasty, gives people a strong feeling with all kinds of stimulation.

The moon is setting, the frost is all over the sky, the river maple is fishing and the fire is sleeping,

Outside the city of Gusu, the cold mountains stand, and the bell rings in the middle of the night.

Only twenty-eight words have occupied the scenery. In front of us, there is a frost day in autumn night. The sky is white. The crows on the old trees and the outline of the temple can be seen at the top of the trees. Nearby are the maple leaves on the riverside, the lights of fishing boats and the night mooring of passenger ships under the bridge. These images, through the contrast of cold and warm colors, produce a strong feeling. This feeling is not parallel, but three-dimensional, bright or dark, hazy and bright, and dynamic in static. To reflect its artistic conception, stage lighting must pass through all kinds of lamps and lanterns, installed lamp positions, and prepared colors to change alternately, The contrast between the strong and the weak arouses people's aesthetic feeling.

In the past, on the stage of our drama, the general lighting played a role of lighting, as long as the white light lit up the actors. There was no change in the scene. Now, the development of lighting is not only to light up the faces of the actors, but also to use light and color, through the description and Revelation of the hearts of the characters in the drama, using various visual phenomena and light and color emotions, To reflect its artistic charm, stage lighting from the former beauty of simple lighting, to the heart of the development of space, to participate in the performance, participate in the whole process of drama development, to help the whole art.

For example: won the excellent lighting design award of the 7th xiju festival in Jiangsu Province, the play "march in Yancun" only uses the ordinary lighting and lighting equipment of general performance. According to the plot change of each play, it shows the situation with light and dyes the situation with color, and makes reasonable use of the existing lamps and colors, so as to achieve the success of the play. He won five excellent projects in Jiangsu Province and made a contribution.

March in Yancun is picturesque, beautiful in the misty rain, beautiful in the south of the Yangtze River, and beautiful in the human nature and true love. Around the theme and characters of the play, the light decoration and color matching of each play are carried out. In the prelude, only a group of backlight and a chasing light are used to focus on one point and lay a foundation for the rendering of the environment, Use light and color to guide the audience into the best mood to enjoy the prescribed plot.

In the other scene, the sun is shining slightly, the morning mist is flowing, and the water is green in the south of the Yangtze River. Through the middle scene of day lily, the beauty of the south of the Yangtze River emerges. The light makes use of the space, and uses the backlight to pour down layers of golden light. In addition, the pink tone of the column light and the green color of the back area show the beautiful environment of the south of the Yangtze River, With the contrast of different colors and the alternation of brightness (the conversion of warm color and cold color), the plot is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and makes people feel refreshing

The light is the flowing picture endowed with life on the stage, the silent and expressive music in the theater art, and the thought-provoking and touching art in the drama life. On our stage, we want to make use of the art processing means of light, reveal the thoughts and emotions of the characters in the drama, create the spiritual mood of the characters, and use the light to popularize the feelings, In the waves of drama emotion, light is not only ordinary lighting, but also has become an important part of modern audience's appreciation of drama aesthetics. We should do lighting work, use modern scientific and technological means to bring the art of light into full play on the stage of drama, and let the light of art shine brilliantly for the revival of Xi opera.

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