In beam mode, the sharp feeling is full, and the excellent light output creates a strong visual impact for the performance. It can also flexibly shape uniform and colorful pattern effects, easily displaying exciting and colorful illusion lighting effects. Uniform color mixing and excellent color reproduction can create a dazzling stage light and shadow vision, comprehensively improving the level of stage performance. Provide high-quality choices for various professional performance venues such as concerts, bars, parties, roadshows, etc.
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Technical parameters:

Electrical parameters: 100-240V AC 50/60HZ Power: 600W, electronic ballast, with PFC power supply, power factor ≥ 98

Light source parameters: Osram SIRIUS HRI 462W bulb color temperature: 7800K. Average lifespan: 2500 hours.

Lens angle: 3.5-34 °

Number of channels: 24CH DMA channels.

Control modes: DMX512, master-slave, voice control, and self-propelled modes, with wired transmission of DMX512, bidirectional control technology of RDM, data transmission, and upgrading of remote function effects

Scanning function: Adopting a three-phase motor, precise positioning, and no movement. Adopting an optoelectronic reset system, it can automatically unlock and reset in case of accidental misoperation

Scanning angle: horizontal 540 degrees, 16Bit resolution, vertical 270 degrees, 16Bit resolution

Display operation: Using LCD display. Touch and key settings are available. Bilingual Chinese and English, with reverse display function. RDM dialing function, as well as up and down dialing function.

Dyeing function: CMY+CTO color mixing system and color temperature adjustment, color disc: 9 colors+white light, linear function, flowing effect.

Fixed pattern plate: 11 fixed patterns with white light, the pattern plate can shake and flow in both directions

Rotating pattern disc, with 7 rotating patterns and white light, the pattern disc can shake and flow in both directions

Effect pattern plate: 5 effect patterns with white light, the pattern plate can shake and flow in both directions

Prism effect: 8 prisms and 16 prisms, bi-directional rotation, speed and direction can be controlled by DMA

Electronic focusing: Clear focusing at any distance.

Enlargement function: Angle amplification 3.5 ° -34 °

Atomization function: Gradual soft light atomization function, with soft and even dyeing.

Dimming function: 0-100% mechanical dimming, high-temperature resistant double blade tooth dimming plate

Strobe function: regular strobe, pulse strobe, random strobe function

Overheat protection: The fan cools down at a constant speed to dissipate heat.

Bulb control: When the shutter is closed, there is no next command, and the power of the bulb automatically decreases to extend the lifespan of the bulb

Protection level: IP20

Connection method: aviation plug (input/output), DMX512:3-XLR input/output

Shell material: High temperature resistant, environmentally friendly, flame retardant material

Packaging size: 53 * 50 * 63CM Gross weight: 27KG

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