IP WASH 760 is a popular stage application with a new type of washing lamp. The main light is 7pcs, 60W, bright RGBW 4-in-1 LED, with a bee eye effect and a multi angle viewing angle outer ring. The LED color magic color serves as supplementary light, meeting stage performance requirements and can be used together with other mobile gobo or mobile beam lights. Widely used in live performances, theaters, television studios, discos, etc.

Products Detail



> 7pcs x 60w RGBW 4in1 LED,50000 hours lifetime
> Beam angle: 7°-58°
> Power consumption:460W
> 18/26/46 DMX channel in optional
> Pixel LED,LED can be single controlled
> RGBW mixing
> 0~100% linear dimmer and 1~20 times/sec high speed electronic strobe
> DMX512, Master-slave,Stand-alone,Sound mode,and Auto with built-in programs
> 540 degree pan and 270 degree tilt movement,3-motor,smooth motion control
> LCD display and 4 menu buttons
> DMX In/Out:3-Pin and 5-Pin XLR
> Suitable for outdoor use IP65
> With bracket with hinged hooks
> N.W.:17.00kg G.W.:22.20kg


Illuminance Map:
Wide red (R) 1m: 1900Lux, 3m: 200Lux, 5m: 80Lux
Wide green (G) 1m: 4300Lux, 3m: 510Lux, 5m: 1900Lux
Wide blue (B) 1m: 7700Lux, 3m: 930Lux, 5m: 340Lux
Wide cold white (CW) 1m: 7600Lux, 3m: 910Lux, 5m: 330Lux
Wide all 1m: 19800Lux, 3m: 2300Lux, 5m: 930Lux

Narrow red (R) 1m: 16200Lux, 3m: 8100Lux, 5m: 2500Lux
Narrow green (G) 1m: 42700Lux, 3m: 18600Lux, 5m: 6400Lux
Narrow blue (B) 1m: 77200Lux, 3m: 31600Lux, 5m: 11100Lux
Narrow cold white (CW) 1m: 75200Lux, 3m: 31500Lux, 5m: 11000Lux
Narrow all  1m: 198500Lux, 3m: 84400Lux,5m:29500Lux


Optional accessories:

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