M WASH 1940Z
M WASH 1940Z is a popular stage application with a new type of washing lamp. The main light is 19pcs, 40W, bright RGBW, 4-in-1 LED, and the auxiliary light is 54pcs, 5050RGB. The lamp beads can be controlled through a single point and focus, with a bee eye effect and a multi angle viewing angle outer ring. The LED color magic color serves as supplementary light, meeting stage performance requirements and can be used together with other mobile gobo or mobile beam lights. Widely used in live performances, theaters, television studios, discos, etc.
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Optical System
Light source: main light 19pcs 40W bright RGBW 4 in 1 LED,Auxiliary light 54pcs 5050RGBLight source life: > 20000 hours
Light source life: > 20000 hours

PAN: 540°(16bit precise scan)
TILT: 270°(16bit precise scan)
With automatic error correction function


Color System
System: RGBW color mixing system
Color temperature: 2700K-8000K


Zoom range: 7-45°
Dimming:0-100% linear dimming
Strobe: up to 25HZ,optional random strobe,
Lamp beads can be controlled by single point,and focus, bee eye effect, outer ring with LED colorful magic color as supplementary light
Protection class: IP20


Multiple built-in programs
Upgrade via DMX cable
Show LED temperature, light source usage time
3 channel modes.23/33/94 in options
Chinese and English display can be switched


Input signal isolation protection function
LED protection system


3 meters 7°65000lux, 45°4310lux.
5 meters 7°31000lux,45°1650lux

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