Analysis of the lighting art of the stage of opera
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Opera art is a comprehensive artistic performance system which integrates opera, song and dance, drama, martial arts and acrobatics. Stage lighting is an important part of opera art. It works with director and dance beauty design to create the script twice, lighting the stage for actors, providing the second-dimensional space for performance, depicting the environment and transition time of the drama on the stage, rendering, baking, progressive and changing the development of the plot, To shape and portray the characters' image and character and the changes of the inner world. Therefore, it is called "the soul of opera art".

With the development of the times and the progress of society, lighting equipment is also increasingly upgrading. The listing of high-tech cutting-edge electronic products provides energy and fuel for the development of light art, and also lays a creative path for the pursuers of modern lighting art. Light originated from the human night fire in ancient times, and developed to today's high-tech computer light control equipment, which makes the art prospect of stage lighting in opera more broad and broad. Stage lighting is upgraded to the scene with single lighting, portraying characters, reproducing environment, creating space and using color light source, and participating in the performance of stage art, It has become an indispensable creation and performance department on the stage of operas. It has displayed endless charm in various artistic forms, and opened up a new world of lighting art. At the same time, it provided a space for development and a platform for lighting artists, and also raised higher requirements and profound subjects for lighting designers. So, as a stage professional lighting teacher, how can we explore and innovate stage lighting art, how to pursue and depict stage lighting art?

First, we should recognize the theme, clear ideas and the tasks of lighting in the play. Through the communication and unified cooperation with directors, dance design, writers and music departments, the second creation will jointly create a complete, vivid and flexible stage art, render the specific stage atmosphere of opera, let the audience further understand the plot, communicate with the characters, and communicate with each other with their hearts, and in the beautiful sense view Enjoy the infinite charm of stage art in the sense of entertainment and entertainment. In the use of light we must grasp a few points: first, we use strong color to infect the theme. The drama "exhausted Qi Mountain" by Yue Diao describes Zhugeliang's five visits to Qishan, and expedition Caowei, hoping to unify China and recover the Han Dynasty. Later, due to overwork, unrefined ambition, full of regret and love for relatives, he died for five Zhangyuan, making the descendants think for ages. In the design of light, we boldly use the colored light source to set the cruel, fierce and mighty war as the cushion to create a shocking war scene; While the music melody of the opening music is playing together, the light gradually rises with the rhythm of the sound. The red light source of the whole stage lights up the whole stage. In the scenic area behind the stage, special effect lights bake a group of wreckage of war vehicles, and the smoke is filled with smoke. The audience's eyes are focused on the focus of the stage characters, so that they can see with their eyes, listen to them with their ears and experience them with their heart. Sima Dudu fled under the guard of the general, and the light tone changed accordingly, and turned to the night sky dominated by light blue light. In a play of "Golden Hall", the Royal and imperial power are displayed with golden yellow light. The support light and fixed-point light are used to highlight the supreme authority of the emperor and Zhugeliang's calm and loyal image, which highlights the great ideals and determination of the Prime Minister of Kongming to worry about the country and the people, and to assist the young master to unify the Chinese Empire and recover the Han Dynasty. The prime minister's office uses the contour of backlight and side light and light source of light green to highlight Zhugeliang's broad mind and elegant and warm life style“ "Sacrifice lamp" is the climax of the play. The light fully uses dark blue color light and a beam of high beam to shoot back. In the music, Zhugeliang is haggard and worried. When missing his family members, the light changes with the hero's thoughts, and the use of dry ice, and changes colors in dance. At this moment, A beautiful realm of immortal family displayed in front of the audience. Zhugeliang is dedicated to depicting the noble character of Zhugeliang who has died after death. In the process of his attachment, the audience has a few sorrows, regrets and thoughts. With the emotional trigger of the feeling vision, he is looking after the ancients in tears.

Secondly, the lighting skills and features are used to highlight the theme: according to the stage style and various scenes designed by dance beauty, the imaging light and stage spotlight are used to light from different angles, creating the actor's performance space and showing the emotional atmosphere expressed by music. The Yuediao "Yuanshan spring rain" makes full use of lighting skills to highlight the theme of the play. Its tone is mainly light in light blue and green color as the auxiliary, and the focus is mainly on the word "spring", revealing the hero's inner emotional changes in his yearning for the future and a happy spring life. In a room, two plays, the imaging lamp divides the stage into two different environments. The sharp contrast of cold and warm reveals the interweaving of the inner feelings of the two heroines to the audience without reservation. Li Zheng jumped cliff to commit suicide. In a specific environment, he used dark blue light source to lay out a road to the mountain. At the end of the road, he used the red light to shoot the top, and sublimated the psychological change of Li Zheng's contradiction from distress, boredom, relief to understanding, selflessness and abandonment of himself in exchange for the happy life of his wife and children. Reasonable use of lighting skills, coupled with the actor's delicate performance, portrays the characters vividly and vividly, makes the audience and the people in the play blend and interweave, and reflects the original intention and expectation of the screenwriter and the real intention of the director. It also makes the audience understand the characters in the play further, and strengthens the emotional communication between people.

Then, we should use the combination of the virtual and the real, distribute the lights reasonably and serve the whole play. As stage lighting art lighting, it is different from other stage forms of lighting. The stage of opera is a form of artistic performance with great contrast between the reality and the reality. The so-called "sixty seven men and one hundred thousand men, three or five steps to travel all over the world" fully illustrates this principle. The stage of opera should not only embody the stage environment logically in order, but also conform to the rules of the opera performance formalization and virtualization. Lao Tzu the great form has no shape. Lao Tzu's main line of thinking is "elephants are invisible and inaction". The play boldly uses the method of combining the reality with the reality. According to the basic lighting elements, the light reasonably reflects the actor's expression form, reappears the virtual scene, combines the actors' various performing skills, reasonably uses the distribution of the light, combines the characteristics of the lighting equipment, and then integrates the modern high-tech lighting skills to draw the scene specific environment with the stereoscopic sense of the real scene, It also has the aesthetic feeling of emptiness in Laozi's thought. It has reached a very elegant position from visual sense to auditory sense, which makes the audience understand, listen to the addiction, realize the profound reason and be infected and inspired, and meet the audience's appreciation requirements and needs《 In the scene of love exploration, we used the virtual lighting technique. Laozi rode qingniu to the West and correspondence to the valley pass. In the back of the stage, four imaging lights were used to outline a bright light beam. In this performance area, there were not only the appearance of two immortals but also the body shadow of Laozi riding the green cattle. It is two different virtual environments, namely, heaven and human. Using the method of combining the reality and the virtual, the audience will be familiar with the environment and the environment with the change of emotional thinking.

A good work, no matter how to make, arrange and perform, should be made into a flesh and blood, rich and colorful art boutique, not only on the form of performance, but also on the content and life interest of the script, to provide a broader development space for the light maker, so that the drama stage lighting, the soul of opera art, will give more colorful light on the stage of opera. As a lover of lighting art, we should make more efforts and self-confidence, constantly innovate and make progress. According to the aesthetic needs of contemporary opera art and modern audience, we should keep the traditional opera art essence and design the lighting works with modern atmosphere and modern charm. In this way, it is worthy of the reputation of "the soul of opera art".

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