The application of stage light and color
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I. master the color of light

In light design, lighting designers should be good at creating stage atmosphere by using color light. To meet this requirement, we must strengthen the cultivation of aesthetic arts and other aspects, and have skilled lighting skills. How to use good color light is described as follows:

(1) It has to be characteristic. Different forms of artistic performance. There are different characteristics in the original creation of art. Of course, the design of stage lighting should be distinguished. When using light color, each has its own characteristics. All of them are based on stage and plot.

(2) Have the main tone. In the application of color light, to master the artistic effect of main color light, we should master the principle of "one color is the main color, and it is attached to it", so as to ensure that the main color is obtained clearly, and pay attention to the law of color light addition.

(3) The color light should be fluctuating. To achieve better design effect of stage lighting, the color, light and shade, cold and warm, the main and secondary needs to change, so as to express the plot and to help the characters change their hearts. The application of color light in the whole performance should be considered in the whole performance. Through the changes of color and intensity of each field of light, the light color and intensity of the whole play should be obtained.

(4) The better color and light effect is obtained by using the light color contrast. In the design of stage lighting, the comparison of color light and color light is usually used to obtain better light and color effect. It is used to express the mood of the plot. The contrast of light and color is the contrast relationship between stage color and light. Several common contrast methods of stage lighting include: color contrast, light and dark comparison, cold and hot color contrast, The contrast between the moving and the static, etc.. These contrast techniques are all interrelated and cannot be separated absolutely.

(5) Master the harmony of the light and color of the stage lights in the whole stage. Stage lighting exists with the existence of stage, it is for performance. No matter whether there is any change in the stage lighting, the color picture composed by stage lighting should also achieve harmony and unity, so as to make the performance more vivid and achieve the feeling of being in the scene. The stage lighting design should consider the visual feeling of different audiences in different locations, and achieve the ideal visual effect in different positions. Stage lighting is for the plot. The change of light should change with the fluctuation of the plot. If the change of light makes people forget the plot and make people dizzy, they lose the purpose of lighting as a service for the plot. Therefore, stage lighting should be integrated into the plot and serve the plot.

2、 The application of color light

Color conversion is a form of expression of light language. In stage art, the use of color light is an important means to create the atmosphere of the plot. To stimulate the viewer's emotion and make it in the scene, we should first understand the feelings of people about various colors, and the external causes of changes in the heart, such as the feeling of red gives people a hot blood boil, or be impatient, This warm tone will enhance blood circulation and heartbeat, while cold tone plays an opposite role. For example, blue, it makes people feel peaceful, quiet and full of reverie. The same person's heart will have different reactions to the light of various colors. Warm colors such as red and yellow will make people happy, excited and excited; Blue, green and other cold colors will make people quiet and calm; Red, orange and other warm colors can make people happy, excited, play a role in regulating mood, among which Zhu, orange has the largest, brighter, more pure color has a strong seductive effect, cold color makes people quiet, negative mood, among which the blue is the coldest, brightness, low purity color makes people have a quiet mood, black is the case without light, It can cause people to have negative, pessimistic emotions, such as fear, and different colors of light can make people have different mood. In stage art, the atmosphere is regulated by the change of light and color, so as to adjust the psychology and emotion of the audience.

The intensity of light, the change of rhythm and light color should meet the rhythm and plot requirements of music. The use of color can give different psychological hints according to the needs of music. The general tone should be determined according to the overall characteristics of stage art and the color light should be used around this tone. As a new modern western Fujian drama "Lei PI Zi Qi and quietly sister-in-law", the color of the play should be defined as blue. In a blue, it reflects a kind of hazy, mysterious, a long-distance and a deep aftertaste, which is used to show the rural area of the earth building. In the back, it is necessary to get rich in order to get rid of poverty, At this time, the rural landscape of the earth building should be bright and fresh vibrant picture, and the color of the light should also be turned into warm tone. The dance beauty and lighting design of various drama purposes are unified and the "Lei" drama is no exception. After understanding the director's intention to the plot, dance beauty and lighting design should coordinate and cooperate with each other. Through the use of light and color, the director shall help the director organize a unified stage picture.

Taking the modern western Fujian drama "leipizi seven and quietly sister-in-law" as an example, to simply say the use of stage lighting, the dance beauty design of the drama, white screen as the wall of the garden building, and the gate is placed in the center. Under the yellow light, the curtain is very close to the real loess wall, and the hard scenery of the circular roof tiles is arranged on the top of the screen, The scene is blue and dark. With the cooperation of dance beauty and light, the earth building on this stage is very close to the real earth building. In music, when the yellow screen and the gate rise slowly, the play officially begins. In music, when the curtain and the gate slowly land, the whole play is closed. The sky curtain designs the Hakka Earth Building with non reflective spray cloth, It is very powerful. This visual effect is very close to the real life of the earth building, and has the feeling of being in the scene. In the use of stage lighting, the play should be used with cold light sources such as blue light at the beginning to show the effect of calm and invariable, and can reflect the poor and backward Hakka rural earth building shape. Light color should not be too fancy, simple point. When the spring wind of reform and opening up blows to this long-lasting earth building, a pink color light is applied to reveal the changes of human inner world. There is a little uneasiness and agitation. The back of the play should gradually increase the ratio of warm tone light color, which is gradually brighter to express the changes of the earth building, When the term of office of poverty alleviation cadres and sister-in-law expires for three years, the poor and backward Tulou village has undergone great changes: (1) Tulou tourism development company was established and the Tulou was listed as the red and red fire of Tulou tourism of the world heritage( 2) The scale of the characteristic industry, river farm chicken breeding, has completely changed the poverty and backwardness of Tulou village. At this time, warm tone light is applied to the treatment of color light to show the achievements of reform and opening up, and people's life is red and red. In conclusion, with the further development and improvement of stage lighting technology and equipment, the use of stage lighting color is further explored, and there will be more development and application space in the future.

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