2023 Guangzhou Entertainment Technology Show(GET)
Date:2023-05-16   Views:425

2023 Guangzhou Entertainment Technology Show(GET)
was held from 8~11th May 2023. Guangzhou International Entertainment Technology Show (hereinafter referred to as GETShow) is a comprehensive exhibition of professional audio and lighting equipment, organized by Industry Associaton of South China Entertainment Equipment and Guangzhou GETshow Exhibition Co., Ltd.

we take the new products(gobo & beam & effect light,  silence par light,  SHARK 800,SHARK 900,M SPOT 200III HYBRID,etc) and technology.


GETshow covers professional audioequipment and technology, professional lighting equipment and technology, professional audio and visual technology, large stage equipment/installation/system and technology, card package audio, public broadcasting, conference system, LED screen, microphone, power amplifier, stage peripheral equipment, intelligent lighting control system and other fields.







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