Ellipsoidal reflector spotlight
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An image lamp is a stage lamp that produces clear boundary spots or is projected and configured with slices and patterns.The main characteristics of an image lamp are the emascope-like clementine that cuts the spot into squares, diamonds, triangles, and other shapes, or projectes the desired pattern patterns. It is generally used for close-up lighting of stage objects and characters.

Introduction to imaging lights.
maging lamp is also known as molding lamp, spheroid spotlight, etc.The image lamp is cast aluminum lamp body, which has the characteristics of small size, light weight, good consistency, no leakage of light, beautiful appearance and effective energy saving.Its beam angle can be selected according to the needs of the application, the main characteristics are like a slide can cut the spot into square, diamond, triangle and other shapes, or project the required pattern patterns.

Imaging lamp characteristics.
1:The position of the imaging lamp bulb is adjusted by three points, with high precision, and the high-purity asetic glass lens is used with aluminum cup or cold-coated glass reflective bowl, and the spot is uniform, which is generally used for close-up lighting of stage objects and characters.

2:Stage imaging lamp with a new shape design, aluminum alloy housing, light weight, easy to install. New optical system, multi-mirror transmission infrared cold light cup so that the light bulb heat from the back of the lamp cup, so that the temperature of visible light down to low, the unique light path design makes the spot uniform soft, very high brightness, clear imaging, built-in four shades can easily cut out a variety of different shapes.

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